Boho Style Room Designs and Decor


Adding a bit of gypsy, bohemian styling into to your home by using a bit of the tips and ideas below. Learn how to style your home with a free-spirit fashion and quality, mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures with an ease. Check out these dreamy boho room decor ideas and start revamping your home into something much more interesting, artistic and eclectic today.

Boho Style Room Designs and Decor

In the event that you choose to go with light and dark shading for your living room that is somewhat bohemian ensure you utilize light blue and shocking pink shades in form of divans. Much the same as in the picture below, pink and black fluffy retro rug is a must here.

boho style room ideas (1)This might sound peculiar,  but the closer to floor you are; the you are to creating an spurious boho style room. Think about low-backed bed, scattered with plenty of plush, comfortable throw cushions and plenty poufs for extra seating. Also, make sure there’s a comfortable rug and sufficient amount of greens to create the boho effect.

boho style room ideas (2)Thinking of the bohemian decorating style and you most likely imagine a room inspired riot of wooden theme color. And in fact, that is the most common look for boho or bohemian style themes. This room, filled with everything that makes boho theme, full of wood inspired wall and  accessories.   

boho style room ideas (3) Artistic wall artworks or artistic accessories will add further interest to your cozy spaces and make for cultured talking points. Also, go bold with artistic pieces which will stand out and are less than ordinary. If you aren’t lucky enough with the luxury of having traveled the world collecting trinkets and keepsakes; you can make a trip to the local antique store and shop for interesting boho style treasures.

boho style room ideas (4) A boho living room features, furniture draped in layers of textured textiles. Piles of throw pillows on hammock swing and rugs on floors to ensure comfort anywhere, along with boho style swing in the corner. Ideal for your friends passing through and the family that calls it home. You can enjoy the peaceful space with a cuppa of coffee.
boho style room ideas (5) Boho or bohemian style room is always filled with riot of bright colors, bright accessories. And in fact that is the most popular among teenagers, who like bright colors and boho inspired rooms with view of wide windows. Layer up the space with patterns and prints you love and a sprinkle of feminine accents as well.

boho style room ideas (6)White color has been thought of as a safe room boho interior color with many people using it like a neutral, non- color. However, when treated like the gorgeous color it is; white makes a bold, clean dramatic design statement and can be the most exciting room colors of all.

boho style room ideas (7) This bohemian room is surrounded by comfortable chairs and nice fabric on the walls. This original design with white and wood theme never stops astonish you. The vintage room is the perfect addition to this unconventional boho-chic design. The carpet and rug is with stunning designs in grey tones giving it a mystical aura.


boho style room ideas (8) This amazing bed idea features the use of wooden pallets. More earthy elements such as these pallets that are elevating the bed and the gorgeous exposed back wall makes the scene seem airy and rustic, while proving to be sleek and bohemian too.

boho style room ideas (9)This room is is full of bohemian’s vibrant colors and various cultural decorations. The attractive design of pillow covers and bed sheet, blend well with the overall scheme of this room. This design also has a rustic looking centerpiece which complements the couches and overall room.

boho style room ideas (10)This Bedroom design brings some of the best attributes of the tropics into bohemian realm. Notice all the tropical plant designs and color schemes, these simple, yet complex design elements makes the room feel as if you could open your sliding doors to an ocean view. The wicker furniture throughout the bedroom only adds to the theme.

boho style room ideas (11)Traditionally, tarot reading inspired rooms are places designed to inspire a feeling of peacefulness and mystique and that’s a great look for a lounge; if you love that sort of eastern feel. Also, there’s  a lot of eastern fabrics, silks, decorated carpets, cushions and so on– along with old appropriate books.

boho style room ideas (12) This gorgeous, gauzy canopy bed with crochet cult style blanket is what dreams are made of. The sheer, gauzy texture of the curtain overlay makes this whole scene seem whimsical and it is definitely inviting. This would make a perfect bohemian style bedroom for someone who loves white theme.

boho style room ideas (13) This simple room features several Bohemian elements that make the room just pop. The fact that the bed is set on floor helps make the room feel chic, while that great bedspread featuring all the blues and purples makes the room feel well decorated. This is a minimalist concept that really works.

boho style room ideas (14)This room is full of boho style ideas, swinging chairs tied up with macrame style knots are to boho indeed. A small throw pillow and a light throw blanket provide the perfect lounge spot to relax in the sun. Also, this room is surrounded by comfortable chair, couches and amazingly looking rugs.

boho style room ideas (15)The Boho style relies heavily on nature so you’ll definitely want to throw the curtains wide open in your room.Also planting few plants in your room makes it more bohemian. One prevailing piece to the bohemian bedroom puzzle is the large wall art. It can be brightly patterned tapestry, or just simple vintage movie poster, it will work in your bohemian bedroom.

boho style room ideas (16) This kids room comes to life with shelving that showcases children’s toys, frames and books collection. This makes the toys; books easier to access, looks organized and the covers add bright colors to an otherwise neutral room. Once the kids are grown,swapping out the toys and books for the accent pieces is simple.

boho style room ideas (17)This mandala persuade room is all about Bohemian style filled room with white and black color accessories.  Mandalas designs have become more popular with the time. This is the perfect example of Bohemian style lounge with all the needed textures and colors.

boho style room ideas (18)It’s a boho style with lots of details and accessories, colorful patterns and two chair dining furniture. And again, the variability of Bohemian style just surprises. Everything is suitable from exquisite wood tables to rough wood furniture. Add colorful fabrics like curtains, rugs and table runners and pillows with some accessories like candle holders and some plants.

boho style room ideas (19)This eclectic bedroom features more use of black, covering the entire wall space with that rich royal black, which makes it more admirable. The netted canopy hanging above the colorful bed, makes it more interesting. This whole decor making the space truly unique and fun to look at.

boho style room ideas (20)If you’re a big fan of the Japanese style, improvise a low pallet bed frame, keep the decorations to minimum and the tones neutral and obtain a relaxed bedroom style that will bring you the earth’s energy. Also, this leaves more space which makes the room feel larger..

boho style room ideas (21) This stunning room features several bohemian elements that makes this room just pop. this room’s furniture helps makes the room feel chic; while that lovely looking plants making it look more alluring. Also, some patterned rugs are magnificent with a cute looking dog. boho style room ideas (22)Bohemian style home decor has such a cool laid back vibe, in this picture at first glance the look seems to have an anything goes kinda feel. Boho style home interior which has a beautiful color base , interspersed with wood grain accent furniture along with indoor plants.

boho style room ideas (23) People are absolutely loving that crochet is on trend right now. Love the fringes and love seeing crochet everywhere from fashion to home decor. Also;  in this room with neutral looking bohemian theme everything is classy and making it more awe-inspiring boho style room ideas (24)One Prevailing piece to the bohemian bedroom puzzle is the largest wall art. It might be a brightly patterned tapestry, it might be a large or with a motivational phrase. If it’s big and colorful, it will work in your bohemian bedroom. boho style room ideas (25) Colors does wonders to liven up a space. A bright Boho rug with a lively pattern is an easy addition that helps revive your existing decor. Look for one with colors that you’ve already used around your room. The touches of dark bright color in this rug is a cohesive design. boho style room ideas (26)This room is inspired by bohemian style, an intricately patterned boho rug with a huge variety of bright dark colors makes endless style possibilities. The touches of colorful cushions is doing wonders to liven up this space   

boho style room ideas (27)This style is inspired by the mid- century design with a leather element on the sofa. It has a medium and prominent tea table that has occupied a central space in the room. Interesting colors of wall are contrasted by the textures of the floor giving it a quirky view with boho style swing chair in the corner.

boho style room ideas (28)Boho style makes the most of walls through varied decor options like art, paint, or wallpaper. In kids room, wall coverings like geometric decals or an ornate forest scene give the design a playfulness and whimsy. If painting or covering a whole wall is too much of a design commitment, hanging wall art gives an opportunity for versatility.

boho style room ideas (29)Creating a bohemian style is all about little details and one of those details concerns the lights in the space. We love a mixture of lighting when possible, combining natural sunlight, romantic candles and some industrial pendants only set the moods but create an incredible amount of interest too.

boho style room ideas (30) The key to try boho decor is knowing how to mix and match unlike pieces. And that goes double for  the color. When adding different colors to the space; don’t be afraid to use a wide variety of shades. Plus ,adding pillows and poufs are nice touches in kids rooms.

boho style room ideas (31)

Avoid massive furnishings and go with pieces that are covered with crocheted bohemian covers to add the boho impression in the living room. If you like the comfort and bright shades at the same time go for this one without giving a second thought.  A beautiful and striking blend of bright colors in here!

boho style room ideas (32) While not a hard rule; color and patterns is typically applauded in boho kids room. Take your child’s favorite color and layer it with complimentary hues for visual balance. Hot? Pull in some cooling turquoise accents. Navy blue a must have? Sprinkle some orange tones here and there. Multi colored duvets or rugs make it easy with an all encompassing color palette.


boho style room ideas (33)When creating a boho style in your home, think about what you want the overall feel to be. If you want something a bit chicer find large, or pallet base bed set pieces that are a bit simpler and then add the bohemian, free spirited accessories to transform the area. boho style room ideas (34)Kids like their own hideaways to read, imagine and to play. A canvas tent is a good place for this room theme. Padded with faux sheepskin rug and illuminated with a string of lights it would be a ideal boho kids room sanctuary.boho style room ideas (35)This boho interior style is that this wonderful mixture of hippy, ethnic and oriental elements which is largely created through wood inspired theme,accessories and can therefore be mixed in an original and individual way the furniture and interior pieces of different style.Plus, This decor is for those who loves leather sofas with wood theme walls and floor boho style room ideas (36)

Try not to mess your floors or dividers with racking in fact add the couches like in this idea for peace in there. On the off chance that you really need the boho touch in here follow the same combination of grey and white. Multiple bean bags are getting your eye to look upward.

boho style room ideas (37)

Go With white bedding! Once more, huge and cumbersome furniture is out. Pick pieces that are lower and littler with an increasingly petite structure. You’ll have the option to fit what you need inside the room without inclination just as you have to dispose of need. Green divider is great choice for the bohemian bedroom!

boho style room ideas (38)

Grasp nature in the room with painted back divider! Try not to conceal all the characteristic light from the room and it will lit up the bedchamber with basic bed. You’ll need the daylight to radiate through during the daytime to snatch that deception of outdoors and space.

boho style room ideas (39)

Try not to be afraid of white shade and lamps in the bohemian bedroom! Because your bed room is little doesn’t mean you can’t grasp prints or examples. Include a fly of fun with divider stylistic theme or adding boho hanging bulbs, yet increasingly sensitive plans is the place you have to look first.

boho style room ideas (40)

High lounge room bohemian theme consisting of small dining area and pink couch! Much the same as the shades decorate your home area than you may do routinely, particularly when making a display or collection plan. This draws the eye upward and adds stature and boho touch to the territory.

boho style room ideas (41)

Make the illusion of more space with plants! Hanging plants will dependably be a great method to embellish with regards to adding more space to a room and adding the bohemian touch to the family front room as well. Fireplace like and helps open a zone like no other trap in the books.

boho style room ideas (42)

Pick Furniture with lot of wall paintings! Whenever possible, use furniture pieces that have capacity. A enormous blue couches and such can enable you to free up corners by having your additional bits covered up away inside. A lot of paintings will draw the attention of guests to this bohemian room!

boho style room ideas (43)

Breaking points your palette with light colors and hanging design in here! Try not to utilize every shading in the rainbow; you’ll have a room that is awfully occupied in structure. Rather, stay with a palette of a few hues so the space is more quelled and strong. Do add plant pots and hanging hooks for bohemian vibe and uncluttered space..

boho style room ideas (44)

Consider using hanging chair with lot of seats and pink divan in the sitting area of room to get the plan like the below one! Consider utilizing glass or acrylic in your furnishings decisions. Side tables, foot stools and so forth can be discovered made of these materials and they’ll act like reflected furnishings.

boho style room ideas (45)

Plentiful bohemian storage items and decoration! Regardless of whether you need to include a touch of engineering accents or current workmanship pieces in with the general mish-mash, ensure it’s as yet available to the family. Plentiful seating with common light that hits the splendid, beige hues perfectly can truly make an inviting ethos wake up.

boho style room ideas (46)

When making a bedroom with style and conventionalism, go with a nonpartisan like beige yet then play up the enthusiasm with various surfaces and light examples. Nothing will turn out to be too disordered thusly; rather it’ll be only the appropriate measure of perky. The bed frame results in fully bohemian bedroom!

boho style room ideas (47)

Go decorated with bohemian decoration! Lighter tones mark customary esteem with regards to family room stylistic theme. Thus, on the off chance that you need that equivalent comfortable feel you get at your folks house, go with a more extravagant shade of beige yet keep it snappy with a velvety feature and some advanced decorations like baskets, draperies and yarns!

boho style room ideas (48)

Brown sparks! Incredible shading that unwinds and makes an inconspicuous fascinate when blended with beige is only the correct shade of brown. It brings out a feeling of simplicity and bohemian when used in bed and bedroom yet in addition includes the correct sort of sparkle you need in a killed room.

boho style room ideas (49)

Bohemian touches with maroon printed drapery! Indeed, even the family room can utilize a touch of boho contacts. Brown sitting spaces and brilliant pieces can be added to a beige plunged space to make a lovely difference and some inconspicuous, energetic appeal.

boho style room ideas (50)

Complete Relaxation in kid’s room! Here we have a perfect blend of brown, blues and dim beige. The room is totally shrouded in loose and smooth tones that envelope visitors and make an inviting space for the for the kid. Moreover the touch of toys and crocheted items will make it bohemian!

boho style room ideas (51)

A family and bedroom, a bohemian item! Have you at any point thought of utilizing plum inside your home? It’s somewhat of an extraordinary shading to decide for the family house yet it goes so well with an assortment of nonpartisan including creams and more extravagant shades of beige for a cool, inviting vibe.

boho style room ideas (52)

Grey and pink accented dining bohemian room! This family living space is brimming with cabin emphasizes yet taken up an indent in style with the expansion of a darker grey divider. Rather than the excessively customary dim or dark colored, grey gives a wonderful and novel equalization to the two.

boho style room ideas (53)

Bits of bohemian touch in bedroom!  You can glitz up your bedroom with some work of art on the dividers. Summon an innovative sense in your unwinding, beige motivated space by including a portion of your preferred pieces. Bed and table is DIY pallet items, which you can make yourself!!

boho style room ideas (54)

Try not to be hesitant to put a smooth, velvety shade of white at middle of everyone’s attention. This white room amplifies the uniqueness and magnificence of this strange impartial, shading decision. The structures placing like bohemian tent along the chair make this spot fully comfortable and hippie!

boho style room ideas (55)

Bigger bohemian lounge room! Indeed, even in bigger rooms grey and pink can go about as a more splendid and opener. Try not to accept you need to use grayish or crisper whites to make that customary, comfortable feel however one that gives the hallucination of boho touch, go with something fresh!

boho style room ideas (56)

For bohemian sweethearts, this room is the bedroom space you had always wanted. Perfect, grey and black furnishings and upper roof made of drapery that make a brilliant, however open complexity. It’s comfortable however it additionally have that straightforward feel for contemporary stylists.

boho style room ideas (57)

Going for a progressively basic stylistic layout and configuration subject is something precisely what you have to feature your preferred pieces of the home. a white shade on the blinds and furniture; this is a simple method to make a space to enjoy!

boho style room ideas (58)

Simply Pretty Living room design! What are more, different occasions in the event that you center on making a pretty, simple space, you won’t overpower the detecting with over-adorning and with bohemian decorations. Much the same as this nonpartisan secured family room! Whites, creams and beiges whirl around the pretty and light stay effortlessly.

boho style room ideas (59)

Increasingly casual bohemian bedroom! On the off chance that you have to make an increasingly casual and customary bedroom – yet additionally useful – at that point look at this excellence for the correct sort of motivation. Simply take a gander at the rich, white bed and net curtains with lights!

boho style room ideas (60)

Friendly bohemian living room! This parlor gives a feeling of a genuine comfortable home. The blending and coordinating of prints and surfaces give intrigue yet it doesn’t stray from that friendly feel we as a whole ask for from our own spaces. Striking elements over the divider make it more appealing!

boho style room ideas (61)

On the off chance that you live in a progressively urban advancement or simply love a more bohemian kind of styling than look at this living space and snatch some motivation from it. The characteristic lighting plays well with the glow of the white shades and use of boho decoration is must here!

boho style room ideas (62)

Asian infusion bohemian living room! The bamboo accents and crude pieces spread around this space bring out an Asian-propelled that is light yet additionally very much felt. The hanging light strings plays well with the unadulterated maroon shading also, not offering without end to an excessive amount of colors in the style topic.

boho style room ideas (63)

This white bohemian bedroom plan is great! It sets the scene for a bed room that is utilitarian for the kid as well as restless and cool as well! Give your area an emotional impact without lessening its comfortable or inviting inclination. This secured space is loaded up with strong prints, baby cart and a fly of white that we’re infatuated with!

boho style room ideas (64)

In the event that you love the idea of bohemian nursery, blast up the spot with plants like in this plan. The sentimental hues, solid accents and textural components all met up to make a room that is loaded with live and style envy. There’s a refined feel that emerges from its mix that is likewise alluring.

boho style room ideas (65)

Here’s a look at a lounge made with chic inclinations and fresh lines. The grey tones keep things clean while the flies of white own an astounding expression that is somewhat fresh as far as conventional parlors. The regular light that pours through the windows bob off tones, while the lamp develops a considerably increasingly loosened up sentiment as well!

boho style room ideas (66)

More like a bohemian bedroom this exquisite and roomy parlor has such a significant number of components to love and swoon over. From the hanging curtains and work of art situation, the gwhite pops and the contemporary light fixture, there are such a significant number of ways this space has fused accents to uplift the style of the room.

boho style room ideas (67)

Butterfly charm in the bedroom! Whoever developed this room realized how to mix some bohemian style into a space without losing it’s progressively formal, originator bid. Creams, dim and a few dashes of butterfly prints all met up such that’s brings home the bacon room receptive and perfect all in the meantime.

boho style room ideas (68)

Sparkling bits of wall art! Layered pads on a huge, green sectional couch, bits of sparkle in the corners, high windows and new blossoms are only some approach to make your space look more sumptuous. What’s more, this model does it consistently while as yet making a wrapping escape for visitors to come into.

boho style room ideas (69)

Little and mighty! Indeed, even a littler living territory can be made to look additional style forward and fashioner made. Nonpartisan tones keep the space open and the expansion of brown can feature the region into appearing more costly in taste. A great bohemian plan!

boho style room ideas (70)

Trendy and bohemian bedroom plan! Everything about this parlor is spot on pattern with the present-day styles. But on the other hand it has an ageless vibe too making it an exemplary plan that won’t should be changed around with the moving seasons or new thoughts. From the bed to the wall paintings on dividers, there is a great deal to envy about this space.

boho style room ideas (71)

Springtime eclecticism bohemian living room!  The white hues feature this velvety, repressed room such that’s fit for a showroom home. We’re adoring the expansion of the floor bedding idea, which gets a little episode of extravagance sentiments as does providing the perfect spot for the movie show!

boho style room ideas (72)

Get motivation from this chic family room! There’s something about this space helps us to remember a shining, bohemian home. With the flies of powder brown, springtime sky – it’s stunning how you can snatch motivation from an assortment of spots a then consolidate them into something like a lovely lounge room!

boho style room ideas (73)

In case you’re hoping to make something with more youth and tenseness, at that point accept this room as your motivation or case of how to do it the correct way. Beginning with an exemplary highly contrasting establishment and uses the correct accents and accomplices to develop a fresh style, this parlor has a structure bid and more youthful charms.

boho style room ideas (74)

We cherish the blend of prints and shades here in the kids bohemian bedroom plan for the additional intrigue advantage and love the fragile respectability highlights also. With the addition of chair and pillows this plan is for your young one!

boho style room ideas (75)